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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2012 12:57pm-1:00pm PDT

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ability for community is of concern. there is also a strong focus on funding projects that come out of this planning process such as the use pass. we will go through this in detail but we have identified specific locations that have strong percentages of low and come and or minority populations projects. projects did not need to be in those areas but they do need to serve those populations. this is probably the most difficult program to administer peridot there are four different funding sources. they did not always match the intention of the program. also, some of the fund sources that we have been given might change. this always makes programming a real challenge. here are the four sources involved. you can see jobs, access,
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commute, state transit assistance and surface funds totaling those were the authority has a preview-per view. we have given the transportation infrastructure bonds and they were divided up by a formula. what you see is the mta's share. the challenges of the fledgling fund levels, for example the funds that are 2.9 million based on the regular estimates that the state will make lower. we are recommending the program at 95% of those funds and this is a challenge. today, we have been a key part item. a recommendation of programs to the state transit assistance fund to the low commute past and to approve the priorities for
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